In 1955 Henry Bloch and his brother Richard founded H&R Block and forged an industry. Through a mixture of hard work, persistence, and luck, they transitioned their Kansas City-based bookkeeping business into a tax preparation firm just as the IRS had scheduled to discontinue its free taxpayer assistance in the area. Two years later, with seventeen offices in three states, the Blochs proudly rolled out the slogan, “Nation’s Largest Income Tax Service.”
Over the course of more than fifty years, H&R Block grew to become the largest commercial tax preparation firm in the world, with a vast web of more than 10,000 outlets and 100,000 associates. Along the way, Henry Bloch proved that someone with good instincts, fortitude, and a fervent desire to help others can achieve both success and significance. Many Happy Returns tells the compelling story of this company and its self-effacing, down-to-earth cofounder through Henry’s son Tom, who worked alongside his father for nearly twenty years and interviewed him extensively for this book.
Page by page, you’ll gain an up close look at this successful organization—from how it was built to its thorniest challenges, most gut-wrenching defeats, and greatest triumphs. And you’ll come across some timeless lessons that can be applied to your own business endeavors. Many Happy Returns also explores the essential aspirations and indispensable philosophies of Henry Bloch, and provides fresh insights on the importance of social entrepreneurship and strategic philanthropy in today’s society.
Inspiring and informative, Many Happy Returns is the powerful story of a humble, benevolent, and determined man who achieved the American Dream. If you want to gain true success in both business and life, understanding Henry Bloch’s journey can help you get there.