"It's rare in today's society to hear of a CEO who wants to give back to his community in such a powerful way rather than just lining his pockets."

"This is a touching story of a humble and modest man.... It encompasses his successes and failures with the company, his love of family, and the imprint he has left on his community through philanthropy."

"This book did not disappoint! A warmly written bio about one of America's great innovators and a genuinely terrific person. There are numerous business and life lessons in Many Happy Returns that aspiring and seasoned business leaders will learn from. I found it hard to put this book down and when I finished, I wanted to know more."

"There are lessons here for anyone wanting to build a business, and they are as true today as when Bloch started H&R Block more than fifty years ago."

"The fact that the author is Henry Bloch's son adds to the appeal of this charming book. It is written with humor, love and warmth."

"Anything but a taxing read."

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